Past Group Members

Postdoctoral Associates and Research Scientists

James Nikkel, Lecturer in Particle Physics, University of London, Royal Holloway

Kaixuan Ni, Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Alessandro Curioni, Research Scientist, ETH Zurich

David Wright, Postdoctoral Associate, University of Massachusetts

Richard Hasty, Nuclear Safety Information System Specialist, Illinois Emergency Management Agency

Yunchang Shin, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, TRIUMF

Wei Guo, Assistant Professor, Florida State University

Alexey Lyashenko, Assistant Researcher, UCLA

Christopher Wahl, Engineer, H3D, Inc.

Graduate Students

Wade Rellergert, Technical Staff, Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Hugh Lippincott, Lederman Postdoctoral Fellow, Fermilab

Angel Manzur, Research Scientist, Schlumberger

Louis Kastens, Technical Consultant, Planet Ecosystems, Inc.

Undergraduate Students

Philip Brown (Summer Researcher, ‘12), Graduate Student, Cambridge University

Chris Kachulis (Yale, ‘11), Graduate Student in Physics, Boston University

Gabriele Betancourt-Martinez (Yale, ‘10), Graduate Student in Astronomy, University of Maryland

Katherine Rosenfeld (Yale, ‘10), Graduate Student in Astronomy, Harvard University

Alex Young (Post-Bac Researcher, ‘08-‘09), Graduate Student in Physics, University of Pennsylvania

Jordan Hanson (Yale, ‘07; Ph.D., UC Irvine), Postdoc, University of Kansas

Ben Jorns (Yale, ‘07; Ph.D., Princeton), Graduate Student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University

Ruth Toner (Yale, ‘07; Ph.D., Cambridge University), Postdoc, Harvard University

Anthony Garvan (Yale, ‘06; M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Columbia), Founder, Garvan Labs

David Gershkoff Slusky (Yale, ‘06), Graduate Student in Economics, Princeton

Taritree Wongjirad (Yale, ‘06; Ph.D., Duke), Pappalardo Postdoc, MIT