Present Group Members


(from left to right)
Brian Tennyson, Scott Hertel, Nicole Larsen, Christopher Wahl, Nicholas Destefano, Evan Pease, Elizabeth Boulton, Kevin O’Sullivan, Jeremy Cushman, Ethan Bernard (and Cookie Monster), Markus Horn


Principal Investigator

Daniel McKinsey is an Associate Professor at Yale. His personal homepage can be found here.

Research Scientists

Sidney Cahn – LUX

Ethan Bernard – LUX, PIXeY, LZ

Postdoctoral Associates

Blair Edwards – LUX, PIXeY

Markus Horn – LUX, PIXeY

Scott Hertel – LUX, Helium, LZ

Kevin O’Sullivan – LUX, LZ

Graduate Students

Nicole Larsen – LUX, PIXeY

Evan Pease – LUX, LZ

Brian Tennyson – PIXeY, LZ, LUX

Elizabeth Boulton – LUX, PIXeY

Lucie Tvrznikova – LUX, LZ